Flipper Zero can be used to steal credit cards

Flipper Zero can be used to steal credit cards

The $169  Flipper Zero  can easily be used to steal tap-to-pay credit cards or debit cards.

With additional modifications, it can also dump more details including the expiration date and card issuer.

More to follow.

4 thoughts on “Flipper Zero can be used to steal credit cards

  • Sorry dude thats nothing.. you are missing like 90% of the info that those cards send over to the POS device mate. Its not just the number. Its also pinned so that you could never make a large transaction with it.

    1. hey thanks for the comment! I appreciate it! I’m just having a little lol here and seeing how much info I can find, to be fair, its known you can get enough info to clone to a magstripe

  • Unfortunately this no longer works after a recent firmware upgrade. I’m very disappointed they would remove this from a “hacking” tools based on the end user’s ethics. You have to be within about 1cm of the card and hold still for it to work. So if you’re running firmware 0.71.1 or newer, you’re out of luck

  • Hey. That is wrong, you can NOT make any purchases that way, as it’s not how NFC’s powered cards work. You still need a rolling token which is “randomly” generated on the card’s induction-powered microprocessor on each transaction. Flipper is a nice tool but it’s not magic either.

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